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Manny Negron

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One method, aiming at one mission: Yours.

GenWealth Advisory Group works with friends and neighbors throughout Utah to help them work toward their financial goals through the use of insurance and investment products. We are rooted in the community and have developed our business by creating close, personal relationships with our clients. When you have financial concerns, we want to help you address them.

At GenWealth Advisory Group, we provide holistic planning for clients who are retired or planning to retire in five to 15 years, using our proprietary Right-Track Retirement™ method, designed with your specific goals in mind.

We focus on all facets of your retirement plan to help ensure you get the most out of what you have saved, help you extend your savings years beyond what you might have imagined and give you confidence in an enjoyable and fulfilling journey into retirement.



Take Inventory & Load The Cars

When thinking about a railway operation, without the train, the tracks are rendered useless and vice versa. Before we ever start laying the tracks and plotting a course toward your retirement, it’s critical we understand everything we can about your train and all its precious cargo: Employment history, investments, taxes, life insurance, social security, gains, losses – just like boxcars on a railroad, all are linked together to make up a single train. When it comes to your retirement, we take immaculate inventory of your fleet well before we load it onto our tracks.



Chart The Course

Just as a railroad engineer does more than just drive the train, he or she is ultimately responsible for the entire train during the run. This is where we take over. Once we have a firm understanding of your specific train and what’s on board, the next step in Right-Track Retirement™ begins with developing an income plan, which helps to ensure your income needs and other financial objectives are met once you decide to step away from your employment stream. We then take into account all of the risks a retiree faces and then our engineers develop a customized plan to help each one.



Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy The Journey

With your train comfortably loaded onto the tracks, the Implementation stage is where our retirement engineers truly go to work so that you no longer need to. As you set out toward your retirement destination, we log each mile right along with you, helping to ensure your carefully planned strategy stays on the tracks and is adhered to from the first whistle all the way through the final stop. Every Right-Track Retirement™ is meticulously executed to account for all of life’s crossings, including: Retirement strategy, wealth preservation, risk mitigation, tax efficiency, legacy planning and long-term care protection.



Stay The Course … When It Makes Sense To

Once the journey begins, we will be there to help ensure that you’re never left alone on the tracks. Ever. With all of life’s travels, there may be bumps along the way. The best engineers know when and how to calculate and implement changes to the course, even long after the train departs. We sit down with you and your family at regular intervals to assess the conditions ahead and recalibrate the plan as often as is necessary to help make sure your retirement stays on the Right Track to your destination.

Take The Next Step

Your financial future is too important to put off another day. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with us and request our Right-Track Retirement Report™, customized for you and your financial objectives!

Your Right-Track Retirement Report™ will show you:

How to protect your retirement plan against longevity risk
If you can increase your retirement income without saving more than you are now
If you qualify for tax-free income in retirement
Life insurance and annuity products that offer benefits to assist with the costs of long-term care - should you ever need it - with benefits you won't lose even if you don't.
What year your current retirement plan will likely run out of money
If you qualify for new types of life insurance that can generate retirement income while you are still alive.

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Our focus is on comprehensive tax-efficient strategies to help preserve your retirement, and ensure your investment strategies align with your risk tolerance. We do this by providing guidance to help you develop an overall retirement income strategy, and we offer a variety of insurance and investment products to help achieve the objectives of that strategy.


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